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Control Room Solutions:

Are you attempting to renovate a control room that is beyond its prime? Are you planning to alter the layout and lighting or get rid of background disturbances? Does your console have very little or no adjustment? Do your operators show signs of fatigue? Or are you simply looking to operate with less space? We guessed this and are, in fact, present to do our part.

Being your chosen partner, we are ready to handle every aspect by offering full Control Room Operation solutions for the modern digital age. To offer an all-encompassing Security control room design that is both affordable and reliable, based on well-defined user needs in the areas of air traffic management, privacy, process control, and monitoring. To offer reasonably priced workplace environments that support operational wellness and attention. Boosting the productivity of employees, offering workers pleasure, and offering a favourable return on the capital invested.

Furniture for Control Rooms Complying with ISO11064 Guidelines

Complete ISO Control Room Design Services Provided by Certified Ergonomist


With an accumulated expertise of almost a century in various aspects of control room operator requirements such as power, AV, lighting, acoustics, interior design, architectural design, blast proofing, and furnishings, our company is managed by a group of highly skilled specialists.


Staff Strength level

Detail understanding of RFQ and design brief


Understanding and interpreting of human factors and ergonomic reports


Knowledge of industry governance and standards


Provide Practical engineering solutions


Deliver on time and to budget


Check twice cut once approach.


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